Retrospective airdrop for Sommelier early users & supporters

Hello Sippers!
As there was already an idea to allocate part of treasury for early app users
I decided to publish this also in governance.

If you remember beginning of August, there was a pinned message in Sommelier telegram group, saying that Mainnet is launching soon, and “Genesis file that sets state for tokens will be ready on Monday 08/09/2021”.

Me, as many other early sippers were using Sommelier app before 08/09/2021 and paying very high gas fees for that (sometimes $200). Also we were giving feedbacks, finding bugs, etc etc.

I think Sommelier needs to be grateful to early sippers and fairly reward them with Sommelier governance tokens for their contributions.

Please write what do you think about this governance proposal?



Completely agree with this proposal

:+1: I agree, this is a good idea. Almost all strong crypto projects have encouraged the community in this way. Their experience confirms that retrospective drops help to make the community stronger and bring marketing benefits to the project.


Basically I liked the idea, but didn’t like time deadline. It would be better to set a normal time cutoff, for example, October 15th. Otherwise, some members of the community and Sommelier platform will remain undeservedly offended.


Agree with this, but we need to have decision on what is fair reward.
Shoud it be based on fees paid in ETH, or number of opened/closed postions, or amount of liquidity provided, or maybe multiplier for earlier use…
Or maybe all of this in 1 formula.

Yeah, it would be fair

I also remember this and I think the same as author

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it would be great if Sommelier upprove this

the community is the most important thing that you have .Promises must be kept.


I completely support the idea, it is very important to keep the community engaged and rewarded by Sommelier finance. Retrospective rewards are becoming an industry standard and bring attention to the project. I think that team should consider this idea and discuss it with the community.


That’s ok for me :+1: Everbody should loaned for their work

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I somewhat agree with this proposal. I am against a set fixed date based on some announcement that was later semi retracted due to technical errors.

Also doing it this way could lead to speculation that some might have done a cybil on this drop. Additionally a mechanism like this will also drop a lot of tokens into very few hands.

I think a better way would be to offer a drop of tokens if you used the app from whenever it started until october 30’th. This gives a broad distribution amongst old and never parts of the sommilier community. Some sliding scale could be enforced since the last month or so where the airdrop talk have intensified since Zaki mentioned he would like to hear suggestions in that tokenomics twitter space.


The project should always support early supporters.
All top Defi projects do the same.
Who if not early users are most interested in the development of the project?
I think this proposal is good and early users will be rewarded accordingly and they will continue to help improve the project.

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That is fair, eth fees are killer.

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look every body loves a good airdrop, its not a bad thing to reward early users and supporters look at dydx, uni, and many more they are doing good and there people got looked after everyone is a winner anyway i thought i,d live my opinion have a good weekend people

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Yes, fully agree with this proposal. Almost all the most successful and influential projects reward their early adopters, thereby creating a committed community!

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I agree to give retrospective rewards to early adopters and those who are now joining the LP.

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that not fair ,the project should feed all supporters before lanuch day


This proposal is unfair, and the deadline should be the day when the airdrop proposal comes out.

Good proposal, fees was really big.

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