Retrospective airdrop for Sommelier early users & supporters

IF a retrospective airdrop is considered , The date suggested in this proposal seems targeted for a small group of users and would not exactly spread a retrospective drop to as many as users as possible.

Here is what I suggest .

  1. Airdrop a fixed amount “X” to every wallet that was used to provide LP to a pool .
  2. Airdrop an extra amount “Y” to every wallet that reported bugs in the past .
    (This would need some verification through TG screenshots … etc)
  3. Target other LP providers from pools in the Cosmos & Eth ecosystem from where we expect to attract more users and drop them “Z” amount of tokens.

As far as the date is concerned , the best way to do this would be to sufficiently distribute it to as many as users as possible. Any date that I pick would be seen as a conflict of interest , so I will not do that .

  1. I think this idea very good (rewarding only early adopters who took the most risk and achieving a wider distribution of Sommelier) (изменено)

I’m sure that’s a great idea. It will make the community more loyal and active, as well as attract additional attention to the project.

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This proposal sounds fair to me, it also might bring marketing benefits to the project and build strong community!

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that not fair ,the project should feed all supporters before lanuch day

@cryptoaxel @Gixon & @Chelovek_iz_Naroda Wanted to confirm if you are referring to my post above .

I completely agree with this proposal. I think the OG sippers should be rewarded to create a committed community.

Absolutely to encourage usage and governance.

This is a fair idea. My suggestion would be to divide it into 3 parts:

  1. Very early adopter , that risked when it was nascent idea and provided crucial feedback then

  2. Adopters after Mainnet launch

  3. Community members broadly providing feedbacks, bugs and etc to the team

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Yes I agree with this proposal

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Thanks to everyone for your comments!
I don’t quite understand what is our procedure to go further and actually develop a precised proposal and decide something?
Cheers, love you engagement guys.

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