SOMMELIER ANNOUNCEMENT 10/11/2021: Sommelier is heading to Lisbon

:clinking_glasses: SOMMELIER COMMUNITY :clinking_glasses:
Did you miss the Twitter Spaces around SOMM and want to learn more about its Tokenomics?
Transcript and Recording are live on our Website. Head over there now to get all the details:


Sommelier goes to Lisbon, Portugal:
Our Co-Founder Zaki Manian will be speaking at Cosmoverse

:ticket: Tickets for the event are available here: Tickets โ€“ Cosmos Community Conference

:wine_glass: THE SOMMELIER PROTOCOL :wine_glass:
Sommelier Protocol work on the rebalancer code continues. Check out our progress here: GitHub - PeggyJV/cellar_rebalancer_rs: Eth Contract Monitor The Cellar rebalancer will deliver the automated rebalancing features for validators running the Sommelier Network! Letโ€™s GOOO!

:grapes: WHAT PAIRS ARE YOU BULLISH ON? :grapes:
PAIRINGS for Uniswap v3 is at Sommelier now has improved slippage tolerance of 5% implemented for low liquidity pools. If you see reverted transactions, it may be due to very low liquidity.

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