[SIPS-124] Upcoming Turbo ezETH Proposal

[SIPS-124] Upcoming Turbo ezETH Proposal


The goal of this forum post is to discuss the upcoming Cellar proposal asking Governance to accept the Turbo ezETH strategy on Ethereum Mainnet.


Renzo is one of the largest liquid restaking token providers with over $300M in TVL. We see an opportunity in bringing Sommelier’s liquidity provisioning capabilities to the Renzo community with an ezETH focused vault.

The vault will accept WETH and ezETH as deposit assets, and take exposure to the following protocols:

  • Uniswap V3
  • Morpho Blue
  • Balancer
  • Curve

Proposal for cellar authorization for strategy Turbo EZETH

If approved, the chain will accept signed function calls submitted to the cellar contract from the strategy provider.

Name: Turbo EZETH

Cellar share token: TurboEZETH

Strategy providers: Seven Seas Capital

Deployment: TBD

Platform fee: 1% (0.85% for strategy provider + 0.15% for protocol)

Performance fee: 20% (17% for strategy provider, 3% for protocol)

The contract has been deployed here: CellarWithOracleWithBalancerFlashLoansWithMultiAssetDepositWithNativeSupport | Address 0x27500De405a3212D57177A789E30bb88b0AdbeC5 | Etherscan