[SIPS-065] Upcoming Proposal to Add the DAI/USDT Uniswap V3 Pool to RYUSD

The purpose of this forum post is to discuss the upcoming proposal to add the DAI/USDT Uniswap V3 pool to Real Yield USD.

RYUSD has thus far used the USDC/USDT 0.01% pool as its primary source of yield. However, recently volumes have started to pick up in the DAI/USDT 0.01% pool.
Additionally, there is an active liquidity mining incentive program on that pool, which will increase APY in the short term for RYUSD: https://twitter.com/gauntletnetwork/status/1679886195327680512

Because of the time-sensitivity of the incentive program, this proposal will go live Monday July 17, 2023.