[SIPS-122] Upcoming Real Yield USD Arbitrum Proposal

[SIPS-122] Upcoming Real Yield USD Arbitrum Proposal


The goal of this forum post is to discuss the upcoming Cellar proposal asking Governance to accept the RYUSD strategy on Arbitrum.


Real Yield USD was launched in January 2023 on the Cellars V2 architecture with the goal of maximizing stablecoin yields on Ethereum Mainnet. We are now bringing this strategy to L2s, beginning with Arbitrum.

The strategy will accept USDC, USDC.e, USDT, and DAI as deposit assets. It will take exposure to Uniswap V3, Aave V3, and Compound V3.

Proposal for cellar authorization for strategy Real Yield USD

If approved, the chain will accept signed function calls submitted to the cellar contract from the strategy provider.

Name: Real Yield USD

Cellar share token: RYUSD

Strategy providers: Seven Seas Capital

Deployment: TBD

Platform fee: 1% (0.85% for strategy provider + 0.15% for protocol)

Performance fee: 20% (17% for strategy provider, 3% for protocol)

The contract has been deployed here: CellarWithOracleWithBalancerFlashLoansWithMultiAssetDeposit | Address 0x392B1E6905bb8449d26af701Cdea6Ff47bF6e5A8 | Arbiscan