[SIPS-056] Add Morpho to Real Yield USD

The purpose of this forum post is to discuss the upcoming text proposal to add Morpho support to Real Yield USD.
The proposal will be enacted by a Steward upgrade enabling the recently developed Morpho adaptor to be used in Real Yield USD. Morpho is a peer-to-peer lending protocol built on top of Aave that offers more attractive lending and borrowing rates. The Morpho protocol itself has been extensively audited and has been gaining traction among many DeFi platforms. Morpho’s superior yields and high focus on security make it a compelling yield source for Real Yield USD.
Note that Real Yield USD will only make use of Morpho lending, not borrowing.

This post will be updated with links to the audit for the Morpho adaptor as well as the Morpho adaptor deployment address in the coming days.

The Morpho Aave V2 lending adaptor has been deployed at the following addresses:

The audit is available here: Sommelier A-8 | Macro Audits | The 0xMacro Library