[SIPS-029] Community Growth Proposal

Community Growth Proposal

This community pool spend proposal seeks to initialize the Sommelier community at a time when many new Strategies will be coming to market. A request for 100K SOMM is being made to support these efforts.

A strong social layer is critical to the success of any project. Our recently announced Ambassador program is our first of many steps in igniting the community as we support the go-to-market efforts of upcoming Strategy launches. For those that don’t know, Ambassador programs are vital infrastructure for nurturing the existing community, raising market awareness of Sommelier, onboarding new community members and birthing new subcommunities (e.g., language-specific communities). This program, combined with technical community support efforts seeks to jump start, strengthen and mobilize the entire Sommelier community.

Grant of 100K (“one hundred thousand) SOMM to seed community growth efforts through the global Ambassador program and technical community. This grant will support a 6 month trial of community growth efforts and any continuation of the program will require another vote. An investment in these efforts would allow us to do the following:

Ambassador Programming

  • Increase awareness of our products and services: Ambassadors will increase the overall awareness of Sommelier through content creation, translations, hosting events, starting their own subcommunities, etc.
  • Share important information (e.g., launches, updates, etc.): Ambassadors will be used as a method to disseminate important updates to the community and answer any related questions.
  • Provide user support: Ambassadors are an incredible support resource for community members that need assistance troubleshooting or are learning about Sommelier.
  • Effectively gather targeted product feedback to enhance our offering: Ambassadors can often serve as a trusted focus group to test new ideas or concepts that the team is exploring. Additionally, Ambassadors can gather and elevate community feedback which the team can take into consideration and address
  • Recruit new Ambassadors: The best recruitment tool for onboarding new Ambassadors is having a strong set of Ambassadors that are respected within the community

Technical Community Support

  • Support our technical community: Fund hackathons, or their participants, to help increase efficiency of Strategy deployment and enhance composability

Through these efforts we are looking to grow the community to the following numbers:

Telegram Discord Twitter
Main Channels (English) 7,000 11,000 34,000
Regional Channels (Non-English) 1,500 N/A 1,500

Total amount: 100K (“one hundred thousand) SOMM tokens. Funds for the Ambassador program will go towards supporting Ambassador programming. Funds for technical community support will go to fund hackathons or their participants. At the end of the six month trial, any unused funds will be returned to the community pool.

A multisig on Ethereum Mainnet, at address 0x86fDfe5EAb4bf19DA4dB6a095E1A42405496158c and operated by Sommelier contributors, has administrative powers to distribute SOMM to the intended beneficiaries as it relates to Ambassador programming and technical engagement programs. The multisig uses a 2-of-4 trust model in order to prevent malicious spending of community pool funds.

Kristi Poldsam
Henri Ots
Stephanie Vaughan
Josh Kessler

The multisig is only able to distribute tokens which have been supplied to it by the community pool, and has no ability to create new SOMM. Once the multisig has been funded, it is the responsibility of the multisig’s signers to enact the transactions distributing tokens to the intended beneficiaries. The multisig uses a 2-of-4 trust model in order to prevent malicious spending of community pool funds.

This proposal, if accepted, will spend 100K SOMM from the community pool in order to fund the multisig to the parameters of this proposal.

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