Incentivized stablecoin pool and alternative dexes

This is a two part discussion 1) Should we have a Somm/UST (or other stablecoin) pool for those concerned about impermanent loss? The token is new and volatility is possible so for those who would like to minimize their risk but still provide liquidity I think it would encourage more holders to provide liquidity to the market.
2) Its understandable that Osmosis is the most popular dex on Cosmos, however there are other dexes such as Sifchain and Emeris (Gravity Dex) that could benefit from having Somm token pools launched on them. Should we also launch incentivized pools on those dexes or at the very least deploy the Somm token on those networks so that users can have multiple ways to buy Somm? I think this could increase awareness of Sommelier and perhaps open up some new partnership or relationships with the other leading dexes of the Cosmos.


both valid points.

  1. SOMM is an early token on osmosis and volatility is still high, as we all know. With both this OSMO/SOMM pool or a stable pairing, liquidity will increase and volatility will decrease. But I think this is a good idea.

  2. I guess you could, but the more you spread out to DEx’s the more you dilute liquidity and you might not attract as much TVL when you can choose between 3 or 4 100% pools spreading your position, rather than just being 400% into the already established OSMO pool, not having to spread your liquidity. Although, your point about reaching people who might only use those other DEx’s might make sense. Spreading out has its costs and benefits I’d imagine.

2.5 Who knows if the other DEx’s are willing to even add their own incentives to pools. Osmosis has taken the first step here and shown it supports bootstrapping liquidity with generous internal APR. I think to not at least put most attention towards the DEx that is most in favor of them (to my knowledge) would be odd.

TLDR Osmosis already has the onboarding process, and spreading out the 1 or 2% of the community pool on other DEx’s who haven’t internally incentivized a SOMM pool would be a bit less efficient in my view.


I would also add junoswap on the list of dexes to add pools to.

I agree about using JUNOSwap. It should be added to the list of DeXs for consideration since the Juno blockchain is EVM AND IBC capable and there is more potential utility there. Plus it is also part of the Cosmos Ecosystem.

I agree. SOMM/UST on osmosis (incentivised) as well as on Juno Swap, also incentivized. It is pretty clear that from watching and participating in Kava, Persistence and other chains that restrict the usage of tokens, and in the case of Kava, additionally, who has created a walled garden, that liquidity is vitally inportant to the success of the community…not just the token price. Given Sommelier is performing a financial rebalancing function that can only be succesful if there is sufficient liquidity, we should also foster the liquidity of the somm token.

I would want to keep liquidity high and limit the dex’s for now…and Osmosis is so popular…

At least a stablecoin incentivized pool btc is on a roller
Coaster and most other communities are feeling the results. How about the larger pools being on Osmosis while smaller liquidity is available on other dexes. In line with decentralizations it’s a must. For example right now what can we do if osmosis ran into a bug there’s no place else tokens can be transacted.