Feeless Cellar Access

The Protocol already covers all trade fees within a cellar. Does it make sense for the Protocol to cover the fees to enter and exit a cellar? It seems like this would remove a barrier to entry for users with smaller positions when fees are high on the Eth network.

Until the Protocol is producing enough revenue to cover the fees, I think this could potentially be a good use of community pool funds to increase users. Maybe put up a proposal to create a small bank of funds to be used for fees? It could be voted on to replenish as needed. Once the Protocol has enough AUM, I think this bank could be allowed to run dry and then switch to using revenue generated from cellar performance fees to cover cellar entry/exit fees.


I think this is the purpose of having users go through rhino. If done on mainet, this could be sybled and become quite expensive, it also introduces inecessary complexity and is not really alligned with the interest of the protocol. Incentives are more directly tied with the interest of the protocol. It’s irrelevant if 1000 users each w 1$ as 1 user w 1000$ deposit, but the user aquisition cost is 1000x more expensive on the 1st. I think its prob better to wait for sommelier strategies on arbitrum and other cheaper L1s

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