Approve FeesAndReserves contract as a Cellar to allow Auction Triggering


The x/cellarfees module currently requires the sender of accrued fees to be an approved Cellar contract in the x/cork module in order for the send event to trigger a fee auction. Currently an adaptor contract called FeesAndReserves is being used to send accrued fees to the chain, not a Cellar contract. Significant fees have accrued that cannot be auctioned.


By adding the FeesAndReserves contract as an approved Cellar ID, the x/cellarfees module will allow accruals from it to trigger auctions. While this would allow the chain to send calls to the contract directly (even though it’s not a Cellar), they would not execute successfully because the contract is written to require the caller to be a Cellar contract, and thus calls directly from the chain would fail. Additionally, the strategist API in Steward does not support direct calls to adaptor contracts. The proposed solution would only affect the contract’s ability to trigger auctions with its fee accruals.

You can view the FeesAndReserves contract here:

You can view the protocol code that is currently preventing this contract from trigger auctions here:


By voting YES, you are approving the FeesAndReserves contract as a Cellar ID in the x/cork module so that it can trigger fee auctions
By voting NO, you do not approve the FeeAndReserves contract as a Cellar ID in the x/cork module