Vaultcraft Flagship Vaults

VaultCraft is broadening its ecosystem by enhancing its flagship Smart Vaults and simplifying the listing process to enable universal participation. The VaultCraft DAO is now inviting submissions of Smart Vaults, or automated DeFi strategies, for potential inclusion in the flagship category. If approved by the DAO, these selected vaults become eligible for oVCX rewards. Being part of the flagship category not only entitles the vault to earn oVCX rewards for its liquidity providers but also provides access to the bribe market.


To make listing flagship Smart Vaults more accessible and diversify exposure to Smart Vault strategies while offering complimentary yield in oVCX.


Currently there is a wETH vault on our app powered by Sommelier which has accrued over $100K TVL with an APY of 13%, supercharged boost ranging from 25%-125% additionally. This means LPs in this vault are earning the boost on top of the 13%. Proposing another Sommelier powered vault to be apart of our flagship gives the Sommelier community the potential to increase TVL and earn boosted APY. So far $100K worth of rewards have been claimed by users participating in boosting the vaults.

How do you supercharge your Smart Vault Deposits with oVCX rewards?

Please read the thread:

What is VaultCraft?

VaultCraft is a blockchain infrastructure for building, deploying, and monetizing non-custodial yield strategies in a few clicks. Forget spending months of r&d, capital, and human resources when you can now instantly launch your crypto fund with VaultCraft on any evm-chain. From wallets and institutional service providers to anon DeFi degens, VaultCraft supercharges your crypto assets by enabling instant, zappable DeFi strategies that you can deploy in 1 minute.

What are Flagship Smart Vaults

Flagship Smart Vaults that were built with VaultCraft and endorsed by VaultCraft DAO. Flagship Vaults earn oVCX, a call option on the protocol token VCX, via Smart Vault gauges every epoch. Below is a diagram of how a protocol can take advantage of Flagship Smart Vaults to increase TVL via oVCX rewards and bribes.


VaultCraft incentivizes liquidity using a liquidity incentive token (VCX) via an improved vetokenomics system. VCX has 20x’d since TGE on December 1, 2023:

The improvements disincentivize farming-and-dumping and encourage long-term liquidity provision by aligning the interests between LPs and VCX holders.

  • Vote-locked VCX is now a Balancer LP token - VaultCraft uses the Balancer 80VCX-20WETH LP token as the lock token for obtaining veVCX.
  • Gauges - Staking contract where users stake assets and are rewarded pro-rata depending on veVCX distribution.
  • Reward token is now a call-option for VCX - Reward tokens are now call options on VCX (oVCX), enabling the protocol to accumulate much more in cash reserves regardless of market conditions, as well as letting loyal VCX holders buy VCX at a discounted price.
  • Max boost enabled for Smart Vaults - VaultCraft gives a 5X max boost to LPs who have veVCX, increasing the advantage of holding veVCX.