Review of Proposal #52 on the Cosmos Chain

Here is a Youtube link to a short clip of Cryptocito’s interview with Sunny Aggarwal on the effects of ATOM/Cosmos Proposal #52:

I agree (for the most part) with Sunny here-and for whatever it’s worth “I voted YES.”
I could be wrong, but I think there might be regrets all around.

If anything, the pain one might feel might be worth the Lessons they learn.

Should we consider a Vote to resubmit the original Plan for another Vote?


Firstly, I for one am very biased in this matter, as I am fully aligned with Sunnys vision of what the $ATOM and CosmosHub in general should represent in the Cosmos eco chamber.

With that said, I am in high hopes that the prop #52 will be resubmitted, just to see where the CosmosHub community stands on this point at the moment.