How will play to earn modify the gaming economy

Gaming is not just gaming anymore. Back then, games were taken up by teens for entertainment. Later it emerged as a mode of recreation even for adults. But today, there is an occupation for those who play games as professional gamers. The new creators’ economy has already brought a lot of new opportunities to the gaming economy. Gamers are already forming teams or guilds, becoming bloggers, writers, and video creators. Streaming game playing on a daily basis on various streaming platforms like Youtube, Twitch, and others is already popular among gamers today.

Play-to-earn games are not just usual games; they compensate the gamers for the time, effort, and skills they put on the platform. Be it with NFTs, cryptocurrencies, or fiat, the contribution of these games is huge, and gamers are getting huge benefits from them. There were also instances in countries like the Phillippines and Vietnam where gamers left their daily jobs to pursue gaming as a profession. In a broader view, Play to earn games are not just modifying the gaming economy; they are also influencing the world economy since they are directly connected with the crypto market.