Commemorate the first 1000 wallets!

Based on the proposal SIPS-002 and taking into account the current progress of the sommelier development, is it possible to airdrop the first 1000 wallets using the sommelier app? It is currently known that there are 881 snapshot addresses of UNI in SIPS-002. Is it possible to airdrop the remaining 119 addresses? The reasons are as follows:

  1. Commemorate the sommelier event, commemorate the first 1000 wallets, commemorate 2021.
  2. Considering that the SIPS-002 proposal has been passed, and the time distribution of the interaction of these 119 addresses is not concentrated, we can think that the possibility of airdrop hunters in these 119 addresses is very small, and they are all followers who continue to pay attention to the project. , Deserve to be rewarded.
  3. The small number of 119 addresses will not affect the token economy system of the sommelier.

Good idea … but if we do this we should also consider increasing the airdrop of the first 881 to balance things…:thinking:


I don’t think it is necessary to increase the reward of the first 881 wallets, it has been determined, there is no reason to increase the reward of the first 881 address, although I am also in the first 881 address, but too much airdrop will affect the token economy model. The reason why the next 119 wallets were airdropped has already been explained.