[SIPS-008] A Proposal for a Sommelier Token Airdrop of SOMM to Early Sommelier Pairings App Users

i support this proposal

Also I think we should vest airdrop for at least 3 month

Agree and support this proposal.

agree and support the proposal

I support the proposal with a few modifications. I’m sure the big LP’s won’t agree but I’d like the airdrop split equally among the 881 addresses. This should mitigate some of the potential problems that come with tokens only being in the hands of those more financially endowed. An equal token drop may also reduce the amount of sell pressure coming from one address. Think about it…if you just found 50k in your wallet how much more likely are you to sell a larger portion than if it was half that amount? Exactly.

I feel like rewarding based on how much money you have should be a metric that is either non existent or given a minimal consideration. The most important thing is that you explored and participated in the foundational steps of Sommelier.

So if we can’t agree on a fair equal drop . I’d still like to see more tokens to the base qualification. The new allocation should be 5m to base users and 1m proportionally divided to users based on value contributed.

Another question will the tokens need to be airdropped or claimed and should this be a decision made by the entire community or only those in the group of 881? (Regarding metrics and qualification weights.)

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I am one of the people that staked a ton of tokens I have been accumulating since airdrop. Any chance we can add stakers to this group?

Given that this SIPS was intended to be reparative of the unilateral voiding of the majority of SIPS-002, I think that the on-chain vote has the most chance of success if the values are not adjusted under the logic that if those amounts passed previously they are very likely to pass again.

New to this forum, and not one of the mentioned addresses. But as someone with a keen interest in this project I just had a quick question. As per the above, am I right to say that there are 6 Million somms to be distributed to 881 addresses?

So an average of 6810 Som per User?

And will it be decided by a governance proposal vote?

Changed the status to Proposed
And added an address to signal:

Sommelier Foundation, If you are interested in the community taking this proposal and conversation to an on-chain vote, please send a signal with 10 SOMM tokens at this Sommelier Address: somm105htul08ktdykgzagt7awlnaa4maqrg3grmfwm. We will use this to deposit the 10SOMM required to start the voting period.

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Proposal submitted on-chain :white_check_mark:

Agree with propositions and analysis

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24 hours is not nearly enough time to allow everyone to vote, I think we need a new proposal with a week to vote and announcements in the discord.

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Big players required to get the thing passed don’t seem at all interested right now. Too busy. We definitely need a new proposal but that should be done after the launch of cellars and the functionality to allow spend to ETH addresses is done as to not chew up much valuable dev time. I also think adding a staggered vesting period as suggested by someone here earlier is a good idea given the considering the feelings expressed in the telegram channel by some early token buyers and OSMO airdrop receivers.

Either way, an airdrop to the early Parings users surely should be done or else we’ll convert 881 people from being the most dedicated members of the community into 881 people who will be bitter and disaffected, spreading that sentiment to other prospective users of Sommelier. Many of these folks spent thousands of dollars in gas and risked thousands of dollars in possible smart contract failure of an alpha product in order to help out. They didn’t do this with the expectation of free tokens but having been subsequently promised an airdrop and seeing a portion of that airdrop delivered to people who were simply Osmosis LPs and did not incur the same risk and losses they did as Parings users, only to then see their portion of the airdrop cancelled out from under them surely would leave them feeling incredibly slighted and unvalued.

Hey all, I hope this topic doesn’t fall by the wayside. The last time the vote was taken there was one day given for the proposal to pass. As I mentioned before that is way too short of a time for a proposal to be considered. I’d like to have another vote taken. Yes I am one of the 881 and would like to be recognized for my early contributions to the protocol. I’d really like to use the reward to stake and support the network. Also I don’t think its appropriate to reward some but not all of the early users. It’s bad enough that the proposed amount was clawed back from the original proposal.

For me its more than just receiving the tokens its also a matter of principle, granted there was no promise of tokens for early participation but an expectation has been set now that there was a drop done on the Cosmos side.

In addition to that from what I recall SIP 2 was rejected because the the core team made a decision to focus on Cosmos but here we are again using the Uni v3 protocol. The same system that was essentially tested and experimented with by early adopters. How can that feedback and those experiments be overlooked but Cosmos users be rewarded?

@fermentednfts @smey @vardhanam @Zaki, Now that the AAVE cellars are live, which is a the milestone everyone was working towards and there is a mechanism in place deliver $SOMM tokens on ERC20 this topic/vote should maybe revisited/reconsidered. Or perhaps wait until the 7seas proposal is approved and protocol is more established?